New and Used Microwave Equipment From Mini-Circuits

Mini-Circuits is a leading provider of microwave, IF and RF signal processing devices for large companies around the globe. Founded in 1969, the company operates six product design centers and has a wide range of proprietary technologies used by more than 20,000 customers.

The company has focused recent efforts on improving designs for integrated modules across the DC to 50 GHz band for commercial and military applications. It has multiple solutions for WiMAX, CATV, cellular, wireless, medical equipment, RFID, microwave and satellite solutions. Mini-Circuits says its future focus will largely be on RF and microwave solutions designed to meet growing demands of larger networks, more disperse customer bases and increasing demand for data and communications.

Refurbished Mini-Circuits Connectors and More

Worldwide Supply has a large supply of new and used Mini-Circuits equipment, including multiple connectors and parts to ensure your solutions are RoHS compliant. Whether you’re building out labs for testing, need field RF support, are improving cellular infrastructure or simply need spares to protect equipment when you’re in the field, we have the right offering for you.

You can choose from a wide range of new connectors and cables or browse used Mini-Circuits options that are verified as functional and backed with a lifetime warranty. Everything we sell from Mini-Circuits is new or fully tested in real-world scenarios to ensure its quality.

After you pick up a set of Mini-Circuits connectors, browse our full selection of networking equipment from dozens of OEMs to discover exactly what you need to grow and improve your service offering.