Buy Microsoft Windows Server Options

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is still a powerhouse of the networking world. The great news for you is that the company has a new end-of-life extended support date, pushed back to Oct. 10, 2023. The company added nearly a year to its extended support date because it wanted to ensure at least two years of mainstream support so companies could move over to a successor product.

For our network partners and customers, that allows you to add Windows Server 2012 equipment to your network and still be fully supported and protected for years to come. It’s one of the most popular platforms on the market right now, and the company is seeing significant revenues from this version continue.

If you’re already working with Windows Server 2012 and aren’t ready yet to make the jump, Worldwide Supply has a variety of equipment options prepared for you. Plus, we’ve got some top peripherals like a USB keyboard designed to keep your hands comfortable as you manage your network.

Refurbished Microsoft Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers some of the Mircosoft Windows necessities for your network, including input options as well as Windows Server 2012 equipment. You can save on the cost with our used Microsoft solutions. All products that we sell, even ones that have moved out of their mainstream support date, are thoroughly tested and brought back up to OEM standards. Our in-house technicians ensure real-world testing is verified so we can proudly back each item with a lifetime warranty.

Choose from our used Microsoft selections below and save as much as 80% off original OEM pricing.