Metal Tech Partners

Companies in the telecommunications industry build expansive networks of equipment. Whether located at a data center or in the field, this equipment can prove challenging to manage. Disorganized cables and computer rooms make it difficult for technicians to work efficiently. As a result, companies need high-quality racks and enclosures to keep their equipment organized and protected.

Founded in 1992, Metal-Tech Partners (MTP) engineers and manufactures custom products to solve specific challenges in the telecommunications industry. In addition to custom products, MTP also produces a full range of standard equipment. Some of the products you can find in the MTP selection include relay racks, shelves, cable management products, network bays, UEF bays, cabinets, ladder racks and support grids.

At Worldwide Supply, we offer new, used and refurbished Metal-Tech Partners equipment, including heavy-duty relay racks. Available in a variety of standard sizes, these self-supporting aluminum racks allow you to easily organize enclosures and computer room panels.

Why Buy Used Metal-Tech Partners Equipment?

When you buy used or refurbished Metal-Tech Partners products, you can find an organizational system that meets your needs without exceeding your budget. The used MTP equipment in our inventory provides benefits such as:

  • High-quality construction and design meant to shield valuable hardware from damage
  • Easy integration with the existing telecommunications equipment in your network
  • Standard lifetime warranty for used and refurbished products from Worldwide Supply

Like Metal-Tech Partners, we hold ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications, ensuring you receive a product that functions as expected and meets strict industry requirements. We check every piece of used Metal-Tech Partners equipment in our state-of-the-art testing facility, so you can feel confident using these products to store and organize your hardware throughout your network.

Ready to Replace Your Equipment Racks and Enclosures?

When you’re ready to reorganize your telecommunications equipment, Worldwide Supply can provide the Metal-Tech Partners products you need to make your project a success. We can also buy your existing equipment racks and enclosures to make upgrading more affordable. To learn more, request a quote or contact us today.