Buy New and Used Mediatrix Hardware

Mediatrix was initially its own brand of access devices such as media gateways, VoIP adaptors and SBCs for carrier-grade applications. They were preferred by many for their zero-touch deployment options and simplification of VoIP deployments for business-grade communication applications.

The company was purchased by the Media5 Corporation, which still offers a variety of access devices through a Mediatrix-branded product line. The line currently boasts millions of users across more than 100 countries, supplying carrier solutions with RMAs lower than 0.5%.

Current models are interoperable with leading IP-phones as well as TDM/IP-PBX. For secure VoIP applications and other communications, the Mediatrix name comes with decades of success.

Pick Up a Refurbished Mediatrix Gateway

Worldwide Supply has expanded our catalog of high-quality, carrier-grade solutions to include new and used Mediatrix gateways. Led by the Mediatrix 1124, these solutions can connect up to 24 analog phones and faxes to broadband modems as well as LAN applications. They’re a smart fit for mid-sized branch offices or for offering multi-tenant solutions in today’s shifting economy.

Such options have become an increasingly popular option as offices restructure and buildings expand for multiple companies, even on the same floor. By supporting FXS extensions as well as standard fax and analog modem interfaces, our selection of used Mediatrix gateways is a smart choice for any growing service provider.

All of the refurbished Mediatrix solutions we offer have been thoroughly inspected and repaired to bring them up to OEM original standards while saving you up to 80% off initial OEM pricing. Browse the selection below to find your perfect Mediatrix solution.