Maxcom is driving the future of digital communications with its huge arsenal of data, video, audio and fiber optic solutions. The company originated in Mexico back in 1996 and has influenced the industry thanks to the work it’s done to optimize commercial telecom technology. While it filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection in 2019, we know many organizations and service providers use this brand to meet their data transportation needs. That’s why we distribute a multitude of refurbished Maxcom products at Worldwide Supply.

Maxcom technology solutions are designed to grant businesses easy digitalization of their systems, improved network security, efficient operations and more. If you want to make the most of your network infrastructure, check out our inventory of used Maxcom products today.

Advantages of Refurbished Maxcom Technology

When you order from our inventory of Maxcom telecom equipment, you’ll receive:

  • Smooth fiber optic network performance
  • Improved communication for your team or subscribers
  • System upgrades at an affordable cost
  • Our standard lifetime warranty

We offer satellite receivers, video multiplexers and more from the most reliable Maxcom product lines. This OEM supports the transport of a variety of signal types, from RF and ASI to MPEG stream and SDI — this means you’ll have plenty of opportunity for growth with a Maxcom network system.

Our highly experienced engineers work hard to bring each product we receive up to OEM quality standards. To ensure network longevity, we also offer installation services, 24-hour remote technical support and replacement and repair services.

How You Can Get Cash for Maxcom Equipment

Did you know you can benefit from the worn or outdated technology at your site? Reach out today, and we’ll offer cash for any Maxcom equipment you no longer need.

If you want to secure an even better deal on our used products, we also offer a trade and exchange program, which adds a credit to your account when you give back to Worldwide Supply. You can use this credit to purchase the replacements and upgrades you need!

Receive up to 80% off on a high-quality product today. Call us at 888.328.2266 or complete our contact form to learn more.