New, Used, and Refurbished Marconi Networking Equipment

The Marconi brand has a storied history of growth, mergers, acquisitions and advances in the field that led it to become one of the more common OEMs in the networking space. It initially was born as GEC Plessey Telecommunications, a joint venture between GEC and Plessey, slowly growing and expanding its systems and communications tools to become Marconi Communications.

At the same time, there was the rise and growth of Marconi Electronic Systems, or MES, that was part of GEC and is now named BAE Systems Electronics Limited. Both Marconi brands started life supporting the GEC telecom, satellite and other units, then expanded into a variety of different communications capabilities.

Over the years, many of its business lines have changed hands but still bear the Marconi name. For example, just before Tellabs purchased AFC, it also picked up a Marconi line that included fiber-to-the-curb networking gear, supporting AFC’s overall work in the FTTX space. Because of these moves, we offer a broad selection of refurbished Marconi equipment that can play many different roles in your network growth.

Supporting Your Network

Worldwide Supply works to bring you the best used and refurbished Marconi equipment for your needs. We choose units that can work in a variety of deployments and can be an affordable choice. By refurbishing Marconi equipment with in-house experts, we can control costs while guaranteeing reliability and validity of testing. That means you’re paying up to 80 percent off OEM original pricing while getting equipment that meets or surpasses original OEM standards.

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