Used MALC Networking Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of new and used networking solutions from OEMs large and small. One such partner is MALC, which makes line cards for Nortel and other phone maker devices. The brand now falls under the Zhone Technologies group and has led to a variety of line cards that combine voice with ADSL2+, allowing growing networks to replace legacy DSLAM equipment.

If you’re looking to expand, this solution can be right for your growth plans, especially in remote network areas. Converge your voice and data on any older network into a single IP network as you step up to the latest technologies. The refurbished MALC line cards we offer also provide back-end office integration and support for your leading services.

Today, Zhone has rebranded itself to DASAN Zhone Solutions and has improved its rural utilities and network operations with a variety of recent acquisitions. It has also been ISO 9001:2008 certified for the manufacturing of its telecommunications equipment.

Buy Refurbished MALC From Worldwide Supply

If you’re looking for line cards to improve your operations and grow your network, Worldwide Supply is your single stop for leading equipment at the right price. We offer proven solutions like refurbished MALC cards as well as some of the newest options to support next-gen networks. And, everything we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty and can be supported by our robust maintenance packages that cover dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product families in a single contract.

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