New and Used Lineage Power Equipment

Lineage Power is a leading provider of high-efficiency power conversion tools and technology for telecommunications companies and related data centers. The company has been in operation for more than 100 years in one form or another, with its history entwined with Bell Labs, Western Electric and some of the Baby Bells.

Today, the company focuses significantly on power conversion options for cloud computing, mobile internet, AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC circuits, DC data center needs, telecom and custom power supplies designed to support specific services or unique remote locations.

In 2011, the brand was acquired by GE Energy in order to boost that brand’s power conversion efforts. The company’s technology has moved into a variety of GE products, though there are still many Lineage Power solutions available today, including the e-I²PMS standalone integrated power indoor enclosure.

Refurbished Lineage Power Options for Sale

Worldwide Supply offers a significant array of new and used Lineage Power solutions for your network. We’ve found a broad selection designed to work within your data center, at your remote locations, in equipment cabinets and much more. Our selection can help you expand no matter how you need to and meet the unique demands of each deployment.

By offering refurbished Lineage Power options, we help you save even more. These newer and older models are able to deliver a significant power solution while saving you up to 80% off original OEM pricing. Everything we sell is fully reviewed and tested, plus backed by a lifetime warranty.

Find what you need below and look for refurbished options as well as maintenance programs to save even more.