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Lantronix is a leading provider of machine-to-machine communications technologies and equipment, supporting significant growth of IT assets and infrastructure as well as helping you adopt a variety of wired and wireless IoT devices. Its efforts specialize in connectivity, enterprise security and data management to help you scale while also moving new products to market faster.

Recently, the company has pushed its IoT focus into a new series of XPort® Edge embedded ethernet IoT gateways and related services that bridge XPort serial and Ethernet server connections to improve the reliability of industrial devices to commercial networks.

If you’re considering an IoT push or your customers are already demanding it, it’s time to look for solutions like Lantronix’s PremierWave XC HSPA+, PremierWave 2050, SGX 5150, xPico 240 and xPico 250 embedded wireless gateways and more.

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Worldwide Supply offers a variety of new and used Lantronix IoT gateways and server tools to help deliver pre-integrated device management capabilities, cloud connectivity and much more to a next-gen network. Build out as you need it and save significantly with refurbished Lantronix equipment that meets or exceeds original OEM standards of quality and reliability.

We’re your one-stop shop for the right tools, equipment and software to make your IoT play. Review our selection below for supporting gear and reach out to Worldwide Supply experts to learn more about what you may need at the head-end, customer locations, remote sites and every other node on your network. The world of IoT is here — and you can be ready for it by partnering with Worldwide Supply.