Leading Power and More From ITT

ITT is a large global provider of power, cable, telephone, industry, network and other equipment types with a significant number of brands and product families under its umbrella. While some of its larger focus is in the transport and aerospace markets, it also has a significant number of options that cross over into networking and telecommunications.

Originally founded in 1920 as International Telephone & Telegraph, the company has seen significant and steady growth. It has rebranded a few times and is now under the ITT Inc. name, although you may still see some of its products bearing the ITT Corporation moniker.

ITT divested its telecom arms in the late 1980s. Despite this, many telecom and communications companies still use the brand’s power supplies, cards and other equipment in their networks. Worldwide Supply has chosen to stock some of these new and used ITT modules below.

Finding the Right Refurbished ITT Fit

ITT has maintained its role as a leading power provider for today’s most demanding industries. Worldwide Supply offers you that same reliability and quality through our selection of new ITT equipment as well as some refurbished ITT models. Everything is fully tested, and used equipment brought up to OEM standards before sale.

Each piece of ITT equipment is backed by a lifetime warranty and is eligible for service in our maintenance and repair programs. You can save significantly — up to 80% off OEM pricing — when you choose our used options, like a refurbished ITT CEPC/line shelf power unit.

Choose from our selection below to start your savings now.