Iris Technologies

Television stations, corporate offices, schools and other organizations that present multimedia on a daily basis have to manage a wide range of devices. Getting a signal from one device to another can prove challenging, especially for non-technical users. In 1983, Jerry Salandro founded IRIS Technologies to help simplify signal routing for these users.

IRIS Technologies launched the Video Commander in 1988. This system represented connected devices as on-screen buttons, making it easy to control signals across large networks of audio and video equipment. With user-friendly software, Video Commander made it possible to train non-technical users to manage signals in hours instead of days, freeing up technicians and engineers to perform more important work. Later generations of Video Commander technology provided tools for monitoring device location and performance.

In addition to visual routing systems, IRIS Technologies designed and manufactured complementary equipment such as video storage and presentation systems and play analyzers. Although you can no longer purchase new equipment from IRIS Technologies, many companies still utilize Video Commander appliances in their networks. At Worldwide Supply, we offer both used and refurbished IRIS Technologies products, so you can continue managing multimedia signals efficiently.

The Benefits of Used IRIS Technologies Equipment

Adding used IRIS Technologies equipment to your network comes with a number of advantages. For example, a used or refurbished Video Commander can provide:

  • The ability to route signals and break away signals from their devices with a few clicks
  • Easy integration with Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure
  • The ability to schedule automatic routing events and protect against accidental changes
  • A lower overall cost compared to purchasing new signal routing equipment

Buy Used and Refurbished IRIS Technologies Systems From Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we check all our used equipment carefully to ensure you receive products that meet OEM specifications and function as expected. Like all our pre-owned products, refurbished IRIS Technologies equipment comes with our standard lifetime warranty.

In addition to selling used IRIS Technologies products, we can also purchase the old equipment you want to replace. To learn more, request a quote or reach out to us today.