Ipitek has a long history in broadband, mobile, fiber optic and enterprise communications technology. Founded over 35 years ago, this manufacturer has developed its reputation as a trustworthy innovator of networking solutions. From simplified network management and fast Ethernet platforms to fiber optic transmission enhancements, Ipitek is one of the major gateways into the future of digital communications.

Worldwide Supply offers a generous selection of new and refurbished Ipitek equipment for network operators who need fast, cost-effective replacement parts and system upgrades. We make sure to carry the compatible parts necessary to keep your network functional and up to date.

New and Used Ipitek Technology From Worldwide Supply

Many broadband and enterprise network operators turn to Ipitek for smart transmission and network management solutions. Whether you’re looking for a mobile backhaul, receiver or power supply solution to improve the strength and speed of your deployments, Ipitek has a carefully crafted product that will meet industry standards.

At Worldwide Supply, we have a full inventory of new and refurbished Ipitek processors, chassis, power supplies, transmitters, receivers, translators and more. Manufactured to help your network deliver smooth multi-media services, this equipment will maintain almost any compatible Ipitek system while providing the freedom of scalability. 

Our Ipitek equipment helps support Gigabit Ethernet and fiber optic networks of various demands and configurations. With refurbished products from Worldwide Supply, you’ll have the added security of our lifetime warranty and thorough quality testing process. We know technology is a long-term investment, which is why we also offer network maintenance and support opportunities.

Sell Your Ipitek Networking Components

If your network is currently running on old or well-used Ipitek equipment, we’ll be glad to take it off your hands. We make cash offers for a wide range of Ipitek networking systems and components, which we’ll later refurbish and repurpose for other communications systems. In addition, we offer equipment trading opportunities to network operators looking for economical improvements. 

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