iPhotonix — now also known as BeyondEdge™ — is a software company that provides solutions for transforming networks. They are well-known for creating open and modular software solutions, which allows companies to have a network that will meet their needs. If you need to boost your WiFi connection or upgrade your network, iPhotonix products will do the job.

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Benefits of Refurbished iPhotonix Equipment From Worldwide Supply

One of the used iPhotonix products we have available is the 8255 router. Routers are the hardware that provides a wireless internet connection. Using radio frequencies, it connects local networks together or to the internet. WiFi is essential to have in your home or business, and you must have a router to get this commodity.

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  • A team of engineers to help you with configuration support and system design
  • Remote technical support available to assist you 24/7
  • A standard lifetime warranty with all of our products
  • Spare and repair services available internationally

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