New and Used IBM Networking Equipment

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is one of the biggest names in technology. The Big Blue brand creates hardware, middleware and software for a wide range of operations as well as gives support with hosting and consulting services for network operators.

The IBM name means quality and the latest innovation — and Worldwide Supply is pleased to offer a broad selection of new and used IBM network solutions for deployments like yours. As its services and software advance, we work to expand our IBM options, which are affordable and useful for companies of any size.

Benefits of IBM Pre-Owned Equipment

IBM offers a variety of servers and storage systems that it says can be sold with a pre-owned or refurbished status. Selecting these options ensures that your company will get leading networking equipment at a significantly reduced cost. Increase your value and save for greater reinvestment.

All refurbished IBM equipment from Worldwide Supply is fully tested and repaired or upgraded per IBM standards and requirements for resale. We back all of our work with a lifetime warranty and can include IBM equipment in our OEM-neutral maintenance service. That means one repair contract for dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product families.

Whether you’re looking for servers, fabric switches, storage or other options like controller units, Worldwide Supply has a robust selection of new and used IBM equipment that’s right for you. Browse the selection below and see your customization options to see significant savings and support.

Make your choice and then contact our professional service experts to ensure you’re getting the best price and reliability on any refurbished IBM choice.