Embrace DOCSIS Growth With Refurbished Hitron Networking Options

Hitron Technologies has more than three decades of experience building electronic networking equipment and has been leading the charge of DOCSIS since the standard began reaching widespread adoption. It had some of the world’s first DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 gateways, manufactured by the company and provided through a variety of channels such as Worldwide Supply.

Today, Hitron counts eight first-to-market launches for advanced DOCSIS solutions, reaching more than 25 million units from 89 global customers. It offers a variety of cable modems, eMTAs, wireless gateways, support for wireless voice, gateway IPTV, outdoor modems and many management systems for various network deployments.

Let Worldwide Supply help you find the right solution and save significantly with a used Hitron solution.

A New Breed of Wi-Fi

Refurbished Hitron equipment from Worldwide Supply also supports the company’s “Unleash¬†Your Wi-Fi” portfolio, which gives residential customers a whole-home, turn-key solution that’s managed remotely by their provider. Its mix of gateways, extenders, diagnostic tools and remote applications can help any carrier or network provider offer a better in-home service with minimal investment.

Give your network access to the service customers demand at an affordable rate by choosing from our new and used Hitron networking equipment. We’ll help you pair individual access with elements like the CDA-RES that delivers up to 320 Mbps with eight bonded downstream channels.

Boost existing networks and take advantage of the DOCSIS 3.0 backward compatibility and fire up a stronger, managed Wi-Fi solution with one of the many refurbished Hitron devices below.