Quality Refurbished Hatteras Equipment Available Today

As the internet exploded, so did the number of networking equipment providers. These networks consolidated and shifted, and so did many providers of the gear these companies relied on throughout the years. That’s much the story of Hatteras Networks, founded in 2000 to help carriers and service providers make their high-bandwidth services more profitable.

Hatteras merged with Overture Networks in early 2011, and then in 2016 Overture was acquired by ADVA Optical Networking to make its portfolio more robust. That means you won’t find new equipment bearing its name, but there’s plenty of used Hatteras elements running edge networks across the U.S.

Worldwide Supply collects and sells furbished Hatteras equipment as well as provides maintenance and repair services for the Hatteras gear you’re using right now. We specialize in its Ethernet Service Edge tools because of their EFM capabilities that remain economical at service rates of up to 5.7 Mbps per pair using outside copper.

Protect Your Used Hatteras Networking Equipment

Choosing gear from a provider who has been purchased and consumed can be daunting because it’s unclear how much the OEM will support your maintenance and update needs. Worldwide Supply has decided to step into these situations and provide a complete maintenance and upkeep support system designed to work on used Hatteras equipment as well as hundreds of other product lines from leading OEMs.

We don’t think your choices should be restricted when you know what works best for your network. We’ll help you keep everything running smoothly and make your refurbished Hatteras selection the best one yet.