New and Used Harger Lighting Equipment

Harger provides high-quality lighting equipment including UL-listed grounding busbars for the telecom and electrical markets, with full kits ready to adapt to your needs.

Established in 1960, the company has been creating these and related lighting solutions for industries who need reliable grounding. The company has efforts focused on most major markets and provides custom designs as well as standard products. It’s a leader in ground conductors, electrodes, bars, bus systems, jumpers, boxes and other solutions with specialty deployments, too.

Harger provides consistent quality — and Worldwide Supply is beginning our relationship by focusing on its grounding bars.

Pick a Refurbished Harger Option

Worldwide Supply offers grounding solutions from a variety of OEMs, including ground bars from Harger. We see this OEM used in a variety of our customer networks who have found success with new and refurbished Harger solutions. It has its own unique naming system to help practitioners find plain bars, those with stainless steel angle adapters, tail-only models, brackets, standoff insulators, wall mounts and much more.

You can save on this and any OEM purchase with Worldwide Supply when you opt for one of our refurbished options. All used equipment we purchase is repaired and upgraded in our in-house facilities and fully lab-tested. This ensures top quality while still helping you save up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

If your network is changing and you’ve got hardware that’s no longer the right fit, use the contact page above to learn about selling your used equipment to us. We’ll help you get a reasonable cash trade-in or generate savings on the new equipment that you need today.