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HAMSWAN is a manufacturer of a wide range of networking, communications, home, sport and health products. It is most often in the news for its virtual reality headsets and support for home networking. This has led the company to create some of the more durable cable management solutions for tight spaces and small clearances. That’s what Worldwide Supply is bringing to you.

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Worldwide Supply offers used HAMSWAN cable management solutions including a 1RU, 19-inch horizontal model. Its cold rolled steel with plastic screw-finger duct design makes installation simple while still providing the strength you need. Simple cable management ensures your work is clean and clear.

Cable management options also reduce the stress on cables and eliminate accidental disconnects when working on your equipment. HAMSWAN offers both consumer and industrial options. This selection includes 15 slots and is designed for standard racks as well as for use in a SmartRack enclosure. Mounting hardware included.

While HAMSWAN is best known today for its consumer electronics, it still offers some of the best cable management solutions for network operators. Plus, with us, you’ll get access to refurbished HAMSWAN units that can save you up to 80% off the original OEM pricing. That means a clean and safe workspace at an even more affordable rate.

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Find the right used or refurbished HAMSWAN cable manager below and then browse the rest of our site to find the right cables, connectors and more. We have a full selection to complement any network needs. Contact us using the tool to your right for full pricing, maintenance support and more when you’re ready to save.