Grow With GNC and the Power of Gibraltar

Gibraltar Nynex Communications Ltd., or GNC, is a joint venture that was formed when the nation of Gibraltar privatized its telecommunications industry so it could enter a partnership with Nynex of the U.S. The resulting company grew to offer internet services with a focus on the ADSL market.

In 2001, GNC purchased a 50% stake in Gibtel and combined with the company to form Gibtelecom, a joint venture between the Gibraltar government and Verizon. A few years later, the Slovenia incumbent Telekom Slovenije purchased Verizon’s stake and has helped the operator grow to offer a wide range of fiber services. It was the first FTTH provider in the country and manages an all-fiber network that it also creates equipment to support.

Today, GNC and the Gibtelecom brand mainly provide business services and phone lines, though it also offers hardware and PBX systems, allowing businesses to deploy their own mobile, landline and internet capabilities. Worldwide Supply works with a variety of brands like GNC to ensure we have partners in multiple markets who can support data centers, colocation services, business broadband, telephony and many other activities necessary to grow a network or a small enterprise.

Learn more about our partners and solutions by looking through our OEM partners, those covered under our maintenance and repair packages and the different brands who offer solutions we can support. When you choose to work with any carrier or service provider, Worldwide Supply also has the equipment you can use to colocate or operate on dark fiber agreements and still make the most of your network and the solutions you offer.