Grow Smart With Used Genband Equipment to Buy or Sell

Worldwide Supply is your place to sell used Genband equipment or buy our refurbished products to help strengthen your network, regardless of deployment options. Genband is a provider of IP real-time communications software covering fixed, mobile and cable networks, with tools that can work in enterprise parks and deployment as well. Presently, more than 80 of the top service providers use its equipment across 50 countries.

In 2017, it formed a joint agreement with Sonus Networks to build out next-gen carrier communications tools together, focusing on 4G solutions and other future-ready equipment. Later, the two merged under the Sonus brand and then the parent company changed its name to Ribbon Communications.

What this means to you is that you might find some fantastic Genband equipment under that name, as part of a Sonus branded listing or even as part of Ribbon Communications. The good news is that the company’s quality has remained consistent, so even used Genband networking tools are a cut above the rest.

Save With Worldwide Supply

We offer a full complement of new and used Genband equipment, including network function virtualization solutions that improve the agility of a network and the services you provide while limiting CAPEX and OPEX. You’ll also find refurbished Genband equipment that helps with management, media gateways, routing, security, policy, session controllers, signaling and more.

Boost your telco cloud with VoLTE, IMS, EVS, IPX, intelligent routing and session control, voice mail, SBC as a service and much more with the right new or used Genband equipment below.