Refurbished Foundry Networks Switches and Routers

Leading high-end Ethernet routers and switches are available from Foundry Networks and are still in use today after many years. Specializing in Layer 2 and 3 solutions, Foundry developed a reputation for top-quality enterprise and service provider switches and routers, plus a variety of traffic, security and wireless support solutions.

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of used and refurbished Foundry products that can help you expand your Gigabit Ethernet offering. We also stock many recent developments based on the technology that are backward-compatible and support older, used Foundry solutions that might be in your network.

Foundry was acquired by Brocade Communications Systems in the late 2000s, which itself was purchased by Broadcom in 2016. The company’s WLAN and enterprise technology divisions still create equipment that uses Foundry developments as their baseline, improving the likelihood that these platforms will integrate successfully.

Worldwide Supply Offers Used Foundry Options

You can save significant costs while still growing your network with reliable, robust equipment by choosing a refurbished Foundry switch or router from Worldwide Supply. We offer tested and certified┬ámodels that are up to 80% off OEM pricing, while also giving you a lifetime warranty. Our support extends past traditional EOS and EOL dates, and we provide the interim support that can be difficult to secure when a company’s technology changes hands multiple times.

Work with us to simplify your network maintenance and consolidate support under a single contract that covers dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product families. Choose the right refurbished Foundry networking equipment below and then reach out to learn more about how our services can keep saving you money after the initial purchase.