The owners of large computer networks rely on a range of equipment to keep their systems reliable and ensure data moves at the fastest speeds possible. FORE Systems was a global supplier of networking solutions designed to increase network capacity, reduce complexity and provide a high level of speed and flexibility.

Founded in 1990 by four researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, FORE Systems started out by designing, manufacturing and selling Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches to the U.S. Navy. These switches route fixed-size packets of data across a network efficiently, allowing for more effective bandwidth use and the simultaneous transmission of video, audio and data. FORE quickly became the leader in the ATM industry.

FORE acquired several other telecommunications companies and expanded its product line to include IP, firewall and Ethernet switching solutions. FORE continued to supply ATM switches to universities, television companies and other large organizations until Marconi Corporation acquired the company in 1999.

Benefits of Used FORE Systems Equipment

While you can no longer purchase new FORE networking equipment, you can find used options to complement your existing network setup. At Worldwide Supply, we offer used and refurbished FORE Systems products such as fiber ports and power supplies. Buying used equipment comes with several advantages, including:

  • Easy integration with older network infrastructure
  • Reliable performance at a more affordable cost
  • Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty

Whether you want to incorporate a refurbished FORE Systems ATM switch into your network or find a replacement for a piece of equipment you already own, Worldwide Supply can meet your needs. We inspect all our used equipment carefully before selling it, following ISO 9001 and TL 9000 standards, so you can feel confident you will receive hardware that performs as expected.

Upgrade Your Networking Equipment With FORE Systems

We have more than $250 million of products in stock and ready to ship to your location quickly. If you’re ready to purchase used FORE Systems products or trade in your old networking equipment, learn more about the hardware we have available by requesting a quote or reaching out to us today.