Video and audio professionals rely on a wide range of equipment to assist with recording, post-production and broadcasting. The right equipment can make the difference between delivering a high-quality finished product and an unreliable stream of video or audio. Some types of equipment perform multiple functions. For example, a modern video processor can perform frame syncing, resolution conversion, processing amplification, color correction and frame delay as needed. When you are relying on a single piece of equipment for so many jobs, it’s important to choose hardware from a manufacturer you trust.

FOR-A is a leading provider of cutting-edge audio and video technology. Founded in Tokyo in 1971, FOR-A produced the world’s first production timer and other pieces of high-quality hardware. Today, the company manufactures high-speed cameras, digital video switchers, processors and multi viewers, as well as storage, IP and graphics solutions for the audio and video industries.

Whether you want to use the latest FOR-A products for your applications or deploy reliable devices manufactured decades earlier, Worldwide Supply can meet your needs. We carry new, used and refurbished FOR-A equipment, so you can find a high-quality solution that fits your budget.

The Benefits of Used FOR-A Equipment

In our online inventory, you will find a range of used and refurbished FOR-A hardware. Choose from digital time base correctors, video processors, storage units and closed captioning devices. When you buy used FOR-A equipment, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Easy integration with existing audio and video equipment
  • A lower cost of purchase compared to new FOR-A products
  • Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty for used hardware

At Worldwide Supply, we test all our used equipment according to ISO 9001 and TL 9000 quality management standards. You will receive refurbished equipment that meets OEM specifications and user expectations, whether it is a few years or a few decades old.

Ready to Buy New Audio and Video Equipment?

In addition to selling used and refurbished FOR-A devices, we also purchase old audio and video equipment to make upgrading more affordable. To learn more, request a quote online or contact us for more information today.