New and Used Flex Networking Solutions

Flex is the third largest electronics manufacturing services and original design manufacturer in the world. In addition to operations in the United States, the company has a manufacturing presence in over 40 countries.

For a brand of that size, you might not have heard much about Flex. That’s likely because the company is often best known as Flextronics. It was founded under the Flextronics brand in 1969 and even retained the name when it established a new HQ in Singapore.

The company creates a wide range of networking equipment, but it also has a presence in your daily life, thanks to agreements with Lenovo, Fitbit and the Wink smart home platform.

In July 2015, the company rebranded itself as Flex, though much of its networking equipment still bears the old Flextronics markings.

Buy Refurbished or Sell Used Flextronics Equipment

Worldwide Supply is starting our work with Flex to bring you access to Flextronics brand attenuators and converters as well as a 24-port 4X SDR InfiniBand Switch. The refurbished Flextronics switches we’ve chosen support high-end networking applications. They’re a reliable choice for data centers, central offices and remote locations.

You can connect multiple nodes and switches simultaneously on the InfiniBand unit. Experience non-blocking full-wire speed to power your applications and meet customer demands.

Take a look at the options below or ask us about refurbished Flextronics switches that can come with savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing. Plus, we provide maintenance packages designed to keep your costs even lower.