Application Delivery Capabilities From F5 Networks

F5 Networks is a U.S. provider of application delivery networking technology for web apps, security, server availability, data storage, network and cloud resources and other devices and applications. The company started out with a focus on load balancing but has grown to include a variety of related services.

F5 technologies work with a variety of leading networking solutions from brands and initiatives such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and OpenStack.

The company was founded 22 years ago under the name F5 Labs and has said its name is based on the most severe tornado designation on a scale that was popularized by the 1996 film “Twister.” That’s a big promise for the brand, and it has largely delivered when it comes to load balancing.

Products from F5 fall under the BIG and Silverline family names and include proprietary technology as well as known capabilities and solutions that come from acquisitions of brands such as Versafe, Defense.Net, Swan Labs, Magnifire and LineRate Systems.

Save on Refurbished F5 Solutions

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of BIG-IP and BIG-IQ solutions from F5. These product lines are a blend of software and hardware designed to help you control traffic as it passes through your network, plus management tools to help you implement and manage policies governing traffic, security and loads.

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