New and Used ETC Network and Power Equipment

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is an international manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for many different industries, though we focus on its networking equipment, power distribution and control consoles. You can use one brand to hook up, light and even partially control any site you have.

While most well-known for its new LEDs, ETC has created significant advancements in response and DMX-RDM gateways as well as specialty networking tools. It offers one-, two- and four-port gateways designed especially for data distribution and lighting systems.

The company’s solutions support remote device management and power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) technologies. There are additional options for MIDI, 0-10V, DALI and show control gateways as well as Net3 and other conductors. ETC provides a total system for lighting, controlling and data usage on your rig, location or elsewhere.

Save on New and Refurbished ETC Gear

Worldwide Supply has a robust lineup of networking equipment and power solutions from ETC. By offering a mix of new and used ETC solutions, we can provide customers with access to top-tier technology at a reduced cost. Our refurbished options can reduce costs by up to 80% off original OEM pricing. All equipment we sell is still backed by a lifetime warranty and our 24/7 service promise.

If you’re using ETC equipment today and are ready to grow past it or are striking a site and no longer need these tools, Worldwide Supply will work with you to acquire some of that equipment and help you generate a new revenue stream. Find what you need below or reach out to us directly to start the savings conversation.