New and Used Escolite Lighting Solutions

Escolite is a small developer of commercial and home-use lighting products that range from handheld UV and LED flashlights to wide-range spotlights, floodlights and motion-sensor lighting. Worldwide Supply is slowly beginning to carry new and used Escolite products, starting with its 30W 9314 LED floodlight.

Core features of the lighting products include:

  • Waterproof floodlight with a high-quality rubber seal.
  • Wide-beam angles with 120-degree coverage to deliver bright, shadow-free illumination — perfect for security systems as well as general-purpose lighting.
  • Indoor and outdoor use support.
  • High-efficiency lighting to reduce costs while providing years of service.
  • Simple to mount or fix to the floor with included hardware.

The company has consistent quality and illumination that ensures you’ll be secure and have a reliably safe workspace.

Support Your Company’s Growth

Worldwide Supply offers refurbished Escolite networking equipment as well as new and used options from dozens of other OEMs. We do this to provide you with the access to the equipment you need that’s right for your growth at any moment. Our used and refurbished options allow you to save as much as 80% off original OEM pricing. This gives you plenty of revenue left to invest and expand.

Looking to save even more?

Consider our NetGuard maintenance program that puts all of your networking equipment under a single maintenance contract. We cover dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product families so you can expect reliable, fast support for maintenance, repairs and parts delivery. It gives you the protection you deserve.

Pick up the lighting you need below and the peace of mind your leadership demands by working with Worldwide Supply.