Buy and Sell Used EnerSys Networking Equipment

EnerSys, previously known as Yuasa, is a U.S. manufacturer of batteries and power systems for industrial applications in networks as well as aerospace and defense systems. If you’re looking for hardened security and reliability, you’ve found the right brand.

Worldwide Supply stocks a variety of new, used and refurbished EnerSys reserve power systems under brands that include Powersafe, Datasafe, Cyclon and Genes. You can also pick from a selection of high-temperature batteries, new data-focused UPS solutions, outdoor options with thermally managed enclosures and much more.

Sites with significant requirements and high power demands, or those facing the worst of nature, are the right environment for a used or refurbished EnerSys solution from Worldwide Supply. You can also choose from a variety of operations management programs and solutions that improve operator compliance and give you more life out of your high-performing assets. The company’s offerings can streamline maintenance and simplify overall repair work, making them a perfect combination with our NetGuard Maintenance package that covers EnerSys and dozens of other OEMs.

Refurbished EnerSys battery solutions are in like-new condition and meet OEM standards, plus our in-house experts test everything in real-world scenarios. You can trust that the batteries and power options you procure from Worldwide Supply will match your site demands while also saving your budget significantly.

We choose brands like EnerSys because their used equipment can be appropriately refurbished for a long-lasting life. You select Worldwide Supply because we take the time to ensure repairs are complete and solutions are ready for the field.