EMS Wireless was a division of manufacturing service provider EMS Technologies before it was bought out by Andrew Corporation back in 2006. Wireless network operators in the United States today still use many older and newer products from this manufacturer to strengthen their cellular connections. With Worldwide Supply’s collection of new and refurbished EMS antennas, you’ll be better equipped to take on more subscribers and heavy network demands. If you need help finding a specific EMS product, we’re available at any time. 

Choose EMS Wireless Solutions

Our refurbished EMS products are cost-effective, powerful and simple to integrate if you operate on an EMS-based network. For companies in need of a strong cellular solution, our stock of antennas provides the signal receiver and transmitter capabilities necessary for smooth network functioning. 

Worldwide Supply offers popular and hard-to-find telecom products from hundreds of OEMs. Our goal is to ensure you can make the most of your network’s functionality with the compatible equipment and parts. That’s why we provide multiple new and used EMS antennas for your benefit and convenience. Our competitive prices will allow you to save on initial costs, as well as maintenance expenses.

How Worldwide Supply Will Transform Your Business

Thanks to our lifetime warranty and technical support programs, you can count on excellent longevity when you order a refurbished EMS product from us. We also test and certify each piece of equipment we refurbish to make sure it’s in top condition for commercial or industrial use. 

The power signal reception and transmission from our EMS antennas will help optimize your network reach and increase profits. If you’re ready to invest in upgrades or replacements, we also buy and trade EMS wireless technology.

Learn More About Used EMS Products Today

Worldwide Supply’s new and refurbished EMS products come at up to 80% off the original manufacturer prices. Our offerings will help you save money while enhancing network performance, so contact us today. We’re happy to help you find the equipment you need or offer additional information on EMS technology solutions.