Protect Mission-Critical Needs With Emerson Networking Services

How many networking equipment suppliers would you trust with your garbage disposal, natural gas delivery, thermostat and to power a carrier-grade network? Emerson might be the only brand large and broad enough to fit the bill. Established nearly 130 years ago as an electric motor company, Emerson now plays a significant role in commercial and industrial markets. It currently makes sensors, monitors and supporting tools for today’s leading networks.

Some of the company’s previous products in its Network Power division will still bear the name in the field, because used Emerson equipment can last for quite some time. However, they were acquired by Platinum Equity in 2016 when Platinum picked up half a dozen network-related manufacturers and rolled them into the Vertiv branding.

Today, Worldwide Supply offers a broad selection of used and refurbished Emerson equipment to help power and protect your network in almost any deployment configuration.

Affordable Security With Used Emerson Equipment

You can use Emerson networking gear to protect your most essential network assets as you grow and expand, with solutions that cover common and demanding networks. Its line of DC power systems, transfer switches and control and distribution tools ensure that your most pressing needs are met and that your network keeps running.

The equipment made by Emerson still has many good years left, and choosing a unit from us gives you a reliable system that’s been verified and certified. But, as new companies take ownership of different lines and rebrand for flashy changes that don’t impact the underlying tech, it can be challenging to keep everything straight. Let Worldwide¬†Supply help you there too with a single, reliable maintenance program that covers dozens of OEMs and hundreds of product lines.

Find the right refurbished Emerson product for your network growth below, then contact us about NetGuard to see how you can save even more over the life of your network equipment.