Get Access to the Tech Giant EMC

Industry professionals with a few years under their belt will remember EMC as one of the more reliable and robust equipment brands in the 1980s and 1990s, even if it achieved little fame outside of industry circles. For a short time, it had the second-most-successful stock on Wall Street, sitting just behind Dell and signaling a future trend that we were waiting to see.

EMC was a leader in the enterprise big data space before most companies knew what to do with it, making extensive data management and storage tools and equipment, all designed to work with as many partners and platforms as possible. It expanded from information storage and archiving to specific content management, virtualization with its VMware, security solutions, cloud computing and more. The company was on a buying spree throughout the 1990s and 2000s, until it was itself purchased by Dell in late 2016 for $67 billion in cash and stock. At the time, it was the largest ever acquisition in the tech space.

Used and Refurbished EMC Equipment

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Our selection of refurbished equipment comes with a lifetime warranty and savings of up to 80% off the OEM’s original prices. It’s the smart way to grow while still securing the fantastic benefits of a new or used EMC option.