Ekinops is a technology provider that offers fully interoperable layer one, two and three solutions for service providers. One of their leading products is the C600, an optical transport system with various applications and capabilities. As a next-generation system, the C600 meets the needs of increased digital traffic, an issue that service providers and the telecommunications industry must adapt to in today’s environment.

Worldwide Supply has a variety of Ekinops products as well as solutions from other leading brands. If you need a system that works like a new device, we have used Ekinops products that provide maximum cost savings. We will get you what you need at prices that stay within your budget.

Advantages of Refurbished Ekinops

The used Ekinops C600 is a 7RU modular chassis carrier-grade system with a variety of features that will benefit your hub and aggregation work, such as:

  • Ability to scale over 16 Tbps
  • 20 service module slots that can each support any module type
  • Service modules that are hot-swappable and independent of other modules in the chassis
  • Full front access
  • Evergreen scalability to 600G and beyond
  • Dual power supplies
  • No limitations on backplane speed
  • Power supplies and fan engineered with supreme redundancy capabilities
  • Fully operational in management card failure events
  • Fits in 19-inch, 21-inch and 23-inch racks and cabinets

These features make a refurbished Ekinops system beneficial for applications such as:

  • Alien wavelength
  • Single fiber networks
  • Long haul and ULH transport
  • Datacenter interconnection
  • Mobile backhaul and front haul
  • Metro and regional transport

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