Antennas are a valuable piece of equipment to have for WiFi and LTE routers and satellite radios. They are part of the internet connection that determines the connection range and signal strength.

Omnidirectional antennas emit and receive energy in all directions. This feature makes them a great choice for all-around coverage. Shenzhen Eightwood Electronics Co., Ltd manufactures some of the best omnidirectional antennas in the industry.

If you need a cost-effective upgrade for your internet signal, Worldwide Supply has used Eightwood equipment that will meet your networking needs. Our routers enhance reception for a secure and reliable connection at all times, and they are available at a low price to fit your budget.

Benefits of Refurbished Eightwood Products From Worldwide Supply

The omnidirectional antennas from Eightwood have everything you need to boost internet connectivity. Features of Eightwood antennas from Worldwide Supply include:

  • 2.4 GHz connection: The 2.4 GHz antenna model is compatible with most routers.
  • Vertical polarization: The refurbished Eightwood antennas are vertically polarized, which transmits the signal in all directions and across a longer distance.
  • Antenna connector: The Eightwood antennas come with a dual RP-SMA male with a female pin.
  • Extension cable: The extension cables are extra long, giving you the freedom to place the antenna in a prime location for a better connection.
  • Quality parts: Each part of the refurbished Eightwood antenna features quality materials that ensure durability and the highest signal transmission possible.

These specifications make used Eightwood antennas perfect for applications such as:

  • 4G LTE router
  • WiFi signal booster repeater
  • Hotspot for a wireless network router
  • Wireless mini PCI-E network card PCI express
  • WLAN AP and hotspot wireless range extender
  • TP-Link Netgear wireless routers
  • External USB wireless network adapter for notebook PC

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