DP Plus

Satellite broadcast networks rely on a wide range of specialized equipment to effectively deliver services to customers. In addition to satellites and satellite dishes, these companies must design and commission power supplies, switches and signal amplifiers. All these components work together to ensure the customer receives clear picture and sound.

Dish Pro Plus, also known as DP Plus, manufactures equipment for Dish Network, which was founded in 1980. Whether you want to repair a malfunctioning satellite dish or upgrade your system, you may need DP Plus components to get the job done. DP Plus products include VideoPath power inserters and DP Plus low noise block down-converters with feedhorns (LNBFs). An LNBF channels the weak signal coming from the satellite, amplifies that signal and converts it into a lower frequency that’s appropriate for use.

At Worldwide Supply, we carry both used and refurbished DP Plus products, so you can upgrade or replace your hardware while staying within budget.

The Benefits of Used DP Plus Equipment

DP Plus equipment is designed specifically to work with Dish Network systems. As a result, you can expect used and refurbished DP Plus components to work well with your existing equipment. When you buy used Dish Pro Plus products, you can benefit from advantages such as:

  • A lower cost compared to purchasing new equipment or replacing the entire system
  • Support for Dish Network’s four orbital locations
  • Coverage from Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty for used equipment

We test all our refurbished and used DP Plus equipment carefully to ensure you receive a product that functions properly. With a state-of-the-art testing facility and ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications, we consistently produce high-quality refurbished products.

Ready to Upgrade Your Satellite Equipment?

At Worldwide Supply, we have over $250 million in products ready to ship to your location immediately, including DP Plus LNBFs and power supplies. We can also purchase the old equipment you are planning to replace. To learn more about the used and refurbished DP Plus products we have available, reach out to us or request a quote today.