Delta Electronics

Refurbished Delta Electronics Power and More

Delta Electronics is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing brand that has moved from TV defection coils and electronic components to magnetic tools, wiring, power supplies, fans and much more. The company was founded in 1971 and has products under a variety of names, including Delta Electronics, Delta Group, DELTA, CDP and others.

While it is not solely a communications-focused OEM, Delta Electronics is a reliable provider of the parts much of a network’s equipment needs. The company says its switching power supplies provide efficiency over 90%, while its telecom power efficiency ratings reach up to 98%. Delta created one of the first server power supplies that was certified as 80 Plus Titanium, with greater than 96% efficiency.

Delta Electronics also has recently pushed efforts into the green power space, making commitments to develop further energy-saving technologies as it takes on addressing climate change and power consumption as two corporate social governance concerns.

Offering New and Used Delta Electronics Equipment

Worldwide Supply currently stocks a small selection of Delta Electronics options, including refurbished and new models. We’re starting with a 500W power supply, high-quality fans and 1000BT copper SFP as we scale up with proven options from the company.

This equipment can be reviewed and repaired by Worldwide Supply if you ever need maintenance support, plus our in-house experts and lab space can turn used equipment into refurbished Delta Electronics options that meet the OEM’s original quality standards. You get quality and significant savings of up to 80% off original pricing when you choose refurbished Delta Electronics or other OEM gear.

Start your savings journey with our options below.