DAWNco makes innovative satellite products that improve your reception while eliminating problems with cable loss, split signals and more.

To get quality DAWNco products for less, come to Worldwide Supply. We have used DAWNco equipment as well as products from other reputable industry brands. With like-new performance at a used product price, it’s easy to get the equipment you need while staying within your budget.

Benefits of Refurbished DAWNco Amplified Splitters

Splitters for satellites take one signal from a cable and divide it to feed multiple locations. Worldwide Supply carries high-quality splitters from DAWNco. Our used DAWNco 1×16 amplified splitters will:

  • Boost the signal level coming from dish-mounted low noise block downconverters (LNBs)
  • Provide 1,000 Ma power supply to two LNBs with 18 VDC
  • Feed many satellite receivers from each LNB since the unit holds amplified signal splitters

The LNB amplifies weak satellite signals and converts high satellite frequencies to lower ones. Both of these jobs are necessary to deliver a satellite signal through a cable. In addition to amplifiers, Worldwide Supply also has refurbished DAWNco CLNB15-P25 satellite LNBs. It’s a C-band DRO LNB used for the reception of analog satellite channels. It offers the best reception specs for the economical non-PLL type LNB.

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When you need equipment that performs like a new machine and is available at a cost-effective price, come to Worldwide Supply. Partnering with us for your network and telecommunication equipment will bring you benefits such as:

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