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Dataprobe is a customized power and network management equipment provider based in the U.S. The company says its products are engineered to reduce downtime risks and costs through smart alarms, remote management and improved controls.

Its offerings include a variety of levels of control, from system remote power to single-outlet network systems and serial command and contact closure platforms. Combine physical layer redundancy with remote tools and automated switches to protect every site on your network.

Founded in 1969, the company has a long history of both physical and automated protection paradigms. It has also pushed into a variety of Ethernet I/O standards and custom OEM solutions that rely on network data for everything from servers and routers to digital signage and remote, branded kiosks.

Buy Refurbished Dataprobe Solutions From Worldwide Supply

Dataprobe offers multiple families of remote power control units and boot systems, monitor and control platforms, I/O devices and redundancy switching options. Worldwide Supply stocks two of its most compelling solutions: the iBoot remote power control platform and the iPIO-8 monitor system that features eight digital inputs and Form C relay outputs.

Our refurbished Dataprobe solutions ensure you have top-quality solutions from the brand while lowering your costs significantly. Across all manufacturers, our refurbished and used products can deliver savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing. These units are all fully tested and verified, plus backed with a lifetime warranty. You can protect your new and used Dataprobe networking solutions with our maintenance packages as well.

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