Securing Your Cyberoptics Network Solutions

New and used network equipment backed by leading warranty protection

The CyberOptics Corporation is the creator of high-precision sensing technologies and surface-mount units for semiconductors and more. The company offers leading technologies for communications as well as inspection tools, electronic assemblies and many different peripherals to help ensure the accurate and safe use of a variety of networking solutions and other products.

Founded in 1984, the company has been on a steady growth path through acquisitions and the introduction of new product lines for SPI and AOI systems. The company most recently expanded its 3D AOI platforms and launched the first-ever MRS-enabled 3D SPI system.

Worldwide Supply is slowly expanding the CyberOptics network solutions that we provide, starting with the CBE-FG1216HRSA2HTC3 Cabinet. Reliability and quality make this component the right choice, even when choosing a used or refurbished CyberOptics network solution.

Choosing Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply provides access to a variety of networking equipment, including new and used CyberOptics network solutions designed to help you affordably grow your network. We partner with leading companies around the globe to deliver the best service for the best value. Everything we sell is thoroughly tested and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Our support for used equipment is on both the buy and sell side of the equation. If you need reliable goods but have a tight budget, we offer refurbished CyberOptics network solutions and those from other OEMs. Each used product is tested and brought up to OEM standards to protect your network and investment.

If you have used networking options that your network no longer needs, contact us using the form on this page to discuss selling those items to Worldwide Supply to facilitate your network growth.

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