Buy Used and Refurbished Cyan Networking Equipment

Cyan is a leading U.S. telecom brand based in California, and it developed a wide range of optical networking hardware as well as some management tools and platforms, so it has a presence in many of today’s regional U.S. networks. The company was acquired by Ciena back in 2015, so its new products bear the Ciena Corporation branding.

The good news about Cyan equipment — even some used Cyan gear — is that it’s reliable and still mostly next-gen and has some years of life left in its OEM warranties and service life. However, you may find some gear that’s approaching its EOL date, but is still going strong and could be the right fit for your needs.

Choose Worldwide Supply’s Refurbished Cyan Gear

If Cyan’s networking solutions are the best option for your network, it’s time to call Worldwide Supply. We can assist you with finding the right equipment at an affordable price and even ensuring that you’re getting access to the Cyan software that’s compatible with your network equipment.

Build a dynamic, lean network affordably by choosing refurbished Cyan networking equipment. Our technicians can bring everything back up to like-new status and then test in real-world scenarios to verify the long-term life of these quality products. Don’t get stuck with used Cyan equipment when you can have properly working tools that come with a lifetime warranty.

Plus, we’ll help you with spares, replacements, maintenance and much more when you choose Worldwide Supply as your Cyan networking equipment partner.

Choose from our broad selection below of leading used Cyan networking gear: