Custom Power Systems

Buy New and Used Custom Power Systems

Custom Power Systems is a U.S.-based provider of filters, delay lines, PSUs and transformers for carriers and customers in specialty and niche industries. You might be using its solutions in the form of products from different brands that are part of its network of companies. Its affiliated brands include Fil-Coil, ESC, Berkshire Transformer and Kelton Power Systems.

Reasons to Work With Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply is a robust provider of new and used networking solutions, including refurbished Custom Power Systems gear. We stock more than $250 million in product for immediate delivery. We offer next-business-day shipping on most products as well as a variety of parts and replacements.

To keep your costs low, we focus on refurbished equipment from Custom Power Systems and dozens of other OEMs. Using a state-of-the-art repair and service center, we bring everything back up to OEM standards for quality and reliability. We provide a lifetime warranty for every product we sell, including used goods. This service center has enabled us to become one of the few companies to hold both ISO 9001:2008 and TL9000 certifications for quality, auditing, reliability and more.

We also offer a robust maintenance package under our NetGuard program that gives you a single contract for hundreds of product families. This solution also gives you access to 24×7 remote technical support, international spares management¬†and¬†speedy delivery for almost every job site on the globe.

Whether you need transformer power solutions, connectors, switch toggles, reactors or anything else that Custom Power Systems provides, Worldwide Supply has you covered at significant savings.