Buy Refurbished Corning Optics

Corning Inc. is a leading provider of specialty glass and ceramics for the industrial, scientific and communications spaces. Established in 1851 as Bay State Glass and then eventually as Corning Glass Works, the company later changed its name to represent its expansion into new areas and materials. Today, Corning is a top provider of display technologies and optical communications equipment for carriers around the globe.

For carriers, Corning is best known for its network interface divisions, digital subscriber line technologies, coaxial connectors, microwave solutions, indoor and outdoor pre-terminated systems and a full line of fiber optic hardware, cables and accessories.

Corning is also a top provider of LCD displays and photovoltaic sensors that are common in many pieces of industrial equipment, even if it comes from another OEM brand.

End-to-End Solutions With Corning and Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply stocks new and used Corning optical communications solutions designed to build out networks and form your backbone as well as fully connect customers to your services. Thanks to the company’s continued growth, our selection includes a variety of refurbished Corning solutions that still support leading technologies, storage and growth plans.

We thoroughly check and repair any used Corning items before making a refurbished model available to you. Everything we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty and can be covered under our NetGuard maintenance package that saves you up to 90% compared to traditional OEM-limited maintenance packages.

Browse the selection below to find a smart Corning option, or contact us to sell your used Corning optical networking tools for an additional cash infusion your growing network needs.