Buy New and Used Cooper Industries Equipment

Cooper Industries is an American manufacturer of electrical products, lighting fixtures, hardened tools and explosion-resistant electrical equipment. Its expansion to power systems and supporting equipment happened decades after its 1833 founding. The company grew to have manufacturing facilities in 23 countries at its peak.

In 2012, Eaton acquired Cooper Industries for $13 billion. The company was folded mainly into Eaton’s existing businesses, though some lighting fixtures are now sold under the Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Business brand.

We’ve expanded to offer some new and used Cooper equipment based on our customers’ needs. Our efforts initially start with the Cooper Bussman Telepower Fuse.

Working With Worldwide Supply

Our mission is to bring you the right equipment at an affordable price. We work hard to support our clients’ budgets and needs, from any OEM that fits the bill. A recent expansion has included Cooper and other OEMs that provide some solutions for remote sites.

To support your selection of these products, we offer as many refurbished options as possible. These give you savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing, while still reviewed, repaired, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Many of these new options are also covered under our NetGuard maintenance program, which provides an alternative to expensive OEM maintenance packages. It gives 50% to 90% savings with 24×7 technical support from our global centers. It covers hundreds of OEM product families across most of your equipment and network needs, without the traditional upgrade and replacement packages that some OEMs insist on.

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