Concurrent Computer Corp.

Organizations that store and deliver video content rely on a wide range of computer infrastructure products, including video servers and expansion arrays. These systems ensure the company has the ability to store, play and deliver multiple video streams simultaneously, often in real-time.

Concurrent Computer Corporation was a company that specialized in real-time computing, content delivery and storage. Founded in 1966 and formerly called Interdata, Concurrent Computer Corp. produced innovative products with the ability to support video-on-demand (VOD), video conferencing, real-time surveillance and other applications. Concurrent sold the real-time computing segments of its business to Battery Ventures in 2017 and the content delivery and storage segments to Vecima in 2018.

Although Concurrent no longer operates independently, many organizations still use the company’s products. At Worldwide Supply, we provide both used and refurbished Concurrent Computer Corp. equipment, so you can keep your network functioning at a high level.

Benefits of Used Concurrent Computer Corp. Equipment

We carry several different kinds of used Concurrent Computer Corp. equipment, including video servers and MediaHawk MediaStore expansion arrays. These products work well in VOD and IP video applications. The advantages of buying used hardware include:

  • Easy integration with existing broadcast network infrastructure
  • Lower cost compared to purchasing new equipment
  • Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty

To ensure you receive high-performing, reliable hardware, we check all our used equipment carefully before listing it in our inventory. We have ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certification, so you can feel confident in the quality of our refurbished Concurrent Computer Corp. equipment. Whether you want to add affordable video servers to your network or replace a piece of Concurrent equipment you already own, we can meet your needs.

Ready to Upgrade Your Network Infrastructure?

At Worldwide Supply, you can find over $250 million of networking products ready to ship immediately — new, used and refurbished. In addition to selling Concurrent Computer Corp. equipment, we also purchase old IT assets. You can upgrade your network infrastructure while staying on budget. To learn more about the Concurrent products we currently have available, reach out to us online or request a quote today.