Comverse Network Systems

Used and Refurbished Comverse Networks Systems

Founded in 1982 and divested in 2013, the now defunct company Comverse Technology, Inc. specialized in developing robust centralized software and hardware systems for fax and voice messaging. Telecommunications companies and other large organizations find their products extremely useful, especially since the rise and subsequent increased popularity of mobile phone use.

By the middle of the 1990s, some of Comverse Networks Systems’ most successful products provided intelligence agencies and legal authorities with the capability to record and store data collected from communications that were intercepted. Along with these features and robust voice messaging software, today’s used Comverse Networks Systems form a cost-effective, versatile and reliable solution for telecom providers and other organizations in the sector.

Advantages of Used Comverse Networks Systems

When you purchase used and/or refurbished equipment from Worldwide Supply, you can count on the performance of what you buy thanks to our state-of-the-art testing facility and team of highly qualified, certified engineers.

And when it comes specifically to used equipment from Comverse Networks Systems, you can count on fax and voice messaging systems that allow their users to process, store, transmit and access information from any fax machine or telephone. In addition, more recent Comverse Networks Systems products — such as its Trilogue units — incorporate multilingual speech recognition capabilities that allow users to use speech commands to control messaging functions.

For enterprises using Comverse Networks Systems, the equipment supports a wide variety of protocols and add-on items with the overall results that communication costs are kept to a minimum while the efficiency of information flow is maximized.

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