Businesses and organizations rely on a wide range of network infrastructure equipment to keep their operations running smoothly. Every appliance plays an important role in function and efficiency — from the power supplies and servers to individual workstations.

Compaq was a company that designed and sold many types of computer and networking hardware. Founded in 1982, the company started producing IBM PC compatible computers, eventually becoming one of the largest suppliers of PC systems. In addition to personal computers, Compaq also manufactured network servers, power distribution units, telecommunications equipment and accessories like keyboards. Compaq servers proved to be robust and scalable. As a result, many businesses use Compaq equipment in their networks today.

HP acquired Compaq in 2002 and retired the Compaq brand in 2013. However, you can still purchase used and refurbished Compaq hardware from Worldwide Supply. We keep Compaq servers, uninterruptible power supplies, workstations, power distribution units and other products in stock, so you can keep your infrastructure functional.

The Benefits of Used Compaq Servers

At Worldwide Supply, we offer a variety of used and refurbished Compaq servers. Depending on the specific model, these servers offer benefits such as:

  • Modular designs to allow for easy scaling and servicing
  • Easy integration with existing network infrastructure
  • Intel processors of various capacities
  • Drive support for integrated media, hard drives and external storage
  • Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty for refurbished and used products

To ensure you receive hardware that performs to your expectations, we test all of our used equipment before selling it. With ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications, we can meet the quality standards of telecommunications companies around the world. Whether you need a Compaq server, a professional workstation or a hot-swappable power supply, you can find what you are looking for at Worldwide Supply.

Buy Used and Refurbished Compaq Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we have products ready to ship immediately. With certified engineers on staff and remote technical support available around the clock, we can help you get your equipment configured properly. Learn more about the Compaq products we have in stock by requesting a quote or contacting us today.