The transmission of video, audio and data requires specialized equipment. Enterprises that need to broadcast on television or over a private network rely on video coders, optical receivers and other technology on a daily basis. Video coders convert audio-visual data into a digital format suitable for transmission, while optical receivers convert optical pulses into electrical signals.

C-Cor/Comlux, Inc was a company that specialized in making fiber optic transmission systems for the multichannel transmission of video and audio data. Founded in 1986, Comlux manufactured a variety of video coders and related communications equipment for use in private network, cable and broadcast television. The company’s systems offered high data rates, making them ideal for a variety of demanding applications.

Although Comlux is no longer in operation, many organizations still use Comlux equipment in their networks. At Worldwide Supply, you can find the used and refurbished Comlux equipment you need to keep your network functioning at a high level.

Benefits of Used Comlux Video Coders

Incorporating used and refurbished Comlux equipment comes with many advantages for businesses, including:

  • Compatibility with existing network infrastructure
  • High data rates for transmission of audio, video and data
  • Lower cost compared to purchasing new equipment
  • Worldwide Supply’s standard lifetime warranty

To ensure your refurbished Comlux video coder functions properly, we check all our used equipment carefully before selling it. We hold ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications, so you can feel confident in the quality of our refurbished technology. Whether you need a C-Cor Comlux 3803 Quad 8-Bit Video Coder, a Comlux 3582 Optical Receiver or something else, you can find what you require in our selection.

Order Comlux Equipment From Worldwide Supply

We have more than $250 million in products in stock and ready to ship, so we can fulfill orders quickly. In addition to selling used Comlux equipment, we also purchase old networking equipment. You can trade in existing infrastructure and upgrade your network at an affordable price. To learn more about the refurbished Comlux equipment we offer, request a quote or contact us today.