New and Used Clarity Network Equipment

Worldwide Supply supports a wide range of PBX, headset and phone solutions from many different OEMs, including Clarity. We currently provide new and used options for the company’s flagship product and you can make the right choice by clicking on that product below.

Choose Worldwide Supply for Your Networking Equipment Needs

Not only do we stock a wide range of used and refurbished Clarity networking solutions, but we also carry more than $250 million of products in stock and ready for immediate delivery. This mixture of new, used and repaired goods is reviewed by certified engineers to ensure things work correctly, are properly configured and meet system design requirements for our clients’ orders.

A state-of-the-art testing center helped us achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and TL9000 certifications.

If you’re new to the networking world or expanding in a way that’s unfamiliar, we also offer 24×7 remote technical support programs designed to help build a safer network and make your services more reliable for customers. Plus, you’ll get access to international spare and repair services, spares management with next-business-day delivery services in most locations and much more.

This process allows us to offer used Clarity and other networking equipment at up to 80% off OEM pricing. Legacy products can see significant savings, as we repair and refurbish these units and even support their maintenance past traditional EOS and EOL dates.

You deserve the ability to set your network’s schedule and equipment needs. We’re here to help you find what’s right and make it work at a rate your wallet can afford.