Charles Industries

Save and Expand Your Network With Used Charles Industries Equipment

From industry and DOT services to utility tools, telecom expansion and CATV solutions, Charles Industries has an engineered solution for just about everyone who digs in the ground to provide a service. Its discreet manufacturing operations and technology platforms allow it to meet a wide range of broadband and telecom needs.

The company gained acclaim for its Charles Universal Broadband Enclosures, a welded aluminum CUBE that withstands the elements while also supporting a broad set of different equipment, deployments and configurations. Today, its work focuses on providing access to MDUs and MTUs, cell site support, building terminals and expanding both active and passive networks.

If you’re migrating to 4G wireless technologies, Worldwide Supply offers a variety of used and refurbished Charles Industries equipment designed to make this task easier and more affordable. Whether you’re looking at large-scale networks, edge expansions or need to provide a test for a small part of your footprint, you can find the right migration tools in our menu below.

Refurbished Charles Industries and Other OEM Options

Our commitment to building your network involves giving you access to the options you need at prices you can afford. So, we have a selection of used Charles Industries networking equipment below and options from different OEMs on their respective pages. Costs are as much as 80 percent less than traditional OEM pricing, while quality is maintained through our in-house testing divisions.

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