Channel Vision

Protect Your Sites With Refurbished Channel Vision Security Solutions

Telco, cable, data center and remote sites are all tempting targets for theft and vandalism. You’re often out of the way, so foot and car traffic is minimal, making your location an enticing opportunity. And thieves know your gear and walls are lined with copper and other valuable materials — not to mention the expensive equipment that lives in a data center — so you must protect yourself.

Channel Vision is a crucial solution to help give your site safety inside and out, thanks to IP surveillance tools, cameras, IR repeaters and more. The company has been developing security solutions for remote sites since 1993 and has earned a name in custom electronics security as well as industry-standard solutions like its 2MP 1080p bullet IP camera, the 6543.

While we can keep your networking equipment up and running with solutions like our NetGuard Maintenance, you’ll want to rely on partners like Channel Vision to protect you when your network is live.

Save More With Worldwide Supply

Security equipment doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Worldwide Supply works with hardware from many brands as well as many different networks to have a steady offering of new and used Channel Vision security options available to you. We buy back used Channel Vision equipment when sites change their protection schemes and then fully refurbish and test this equipment before making it available to you.

That means you get gear that meets original OEM standards and is backed by a lifetime warranty — but can save you up to 80% off original OEM pricing. Protect your equipment and your budget by choosing a refurbished Channel Vision security solution below from Worldwide Supply.