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Used Base Stations and BTS to Used Cellular Transceivers and Power Amplifiers

Regardless of the technology you have deployed in your wireless network, Worldwide Supply has you covered. From, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, HSPA+ and LTE we have the equipment to support network expansion or base station maintenance.
Build out your network and improve coverage and capabilities when you buy wireless base stations, used cell sites, used BTS amplifiers and used base transceiver stations themselves.

Your Wireless Cellular Base Station Options

Used base stations are the key revenue generating tool for your wireless network. Worldwide Supply offers a variety of OEM branded used wireless base stations to fit your unique network configuration. As you expand into new markets and adopt newer technologies, turn to Worldwide Supply to sell your wireless base stations and generate a maximum return. We work hard to be your best location to buy wireless base stations. When you want to buy used cell sites to strengthen your network, you can count on us.

Used Base Transceiver Stations

Networks rely on base transceiver stations to ensure reliable communication between the consumer and the network itself, making them the lifeblood off any wireless operator. With support for GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, wireless local loop and WAN technologies, they’re an integral part of any base station subsystem.

Ensure your network is capable of handling your demand by turning to Worldwide Supply for used BTS options. For savings of up to 70% off original OEM pricing, buy used base transceiver stations and build out the right support for your base station controller. When you’re ready to expand beyond current network and displace existing technologies, sell your used transceiver station as a way to shore up investment in top-line RBS and eNB.

Our used BTS options support base stations from Alcatel/Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Siemens and other top OEMs. Sell your used transceiver stations today and get the right return for your equipment. With top rates and a no-fuss retrieval, you can get back to the work of providing a strong network for all of your subscribers and partners.

Buy Used Base Station Power Amplifiers

Base station power amplifiers can represent as much as 30% of a base station’s cost, but operators can avoid some of this cost by deploying used PAs from Worldwide Supply. The selection of used BTS power amplifiers available from Worldwide Supply include models that use new digital pre-distortion and crest factor reduction capabilities to improve overall coverage while reducing total operating costs.

Invest wisely when you buy used base station power amplifiers that allow for performance monitoring and controlling. With many options to buy and sell base station power amplifiers from top OEMs, Worldwide Supply helps network operators see stages of gains through control and robust management.

Buy and Sell Used Cell Sites and Equipment

Expand your network at an affordable cost by relying on Worldwide Supply for used cell sites, used power amplifiers and the option to buy used base transceiver stations. From maximizing reach to controlling consumption and reducing cost, the full suite of options to buy and sell used base stations and accessories allows you to fully enhance your budget at every stage in network development.

Infrastructure equipment is available for immediate deployment and fast delivery to get your used base station up and running or expand the support you need in new and emerging markets. Don’t let demand outstrip your capabilities. Turn to Worldwide Supply for all of your needs around buying and selling used cell sites, transceivers and amplifiers. You’ll get a great rate every time you buy or sell used BTS with Worldwide Supply.

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